One of the Midland's finest rock, indie and pop cover bands, Animal Room are a power house of a band and a 'must see' for any fan of live music. Formed in 2016, the band are seasoned performers of live music venues, pubs and clubs, private and corporate events and have become festival favourites throughout the Midlands. They combine their top class musicianship with roaring anthems from the biggest rock legends and most iconic indie bands to create the authenticity of a tribute band with the diversity of a covers band.

From the classic rock of Led Zeppelin, Queen, Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles to the explosion of the Britpop and Indie Rock of the 90's from artists like Oasis, Blur, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nirvana, all the way to the current rock and indie giants such as the Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon, Royal Blood and Muse, Animal Room can tailor their performance for any audience and venue.


​Hailed as "A real premier band", "Derby's best kept secret" and "As good as it gets" by respected live music organisers, if you want great live music with a festival sound and atmosphere then get in touch.


​On Drums - Liam - A phenomenal talent on the sticks, Liam drives the band's performance with his thunderous grooves and complex rhythms. Constantly challenging himself, this drummer is one of the best on the circuit and he just keeps getting better.


​On Bass - Andrew - Fat, funky and as solid as they come. Andrew lays down basslines that you can't help but move to. Combined with the talents of Liam, this drum and bass duo form a powerfully tight backbeat.


On Vocals - Seb - Our man at the front, there is no stopping Seb. Driven by passion and a love for great music, Seb has the perfect vocal tone and diversity to pay tribute to a huge range of iconic singers from the rock and indie genres.


On Guitar and BV's - Kev - The scientist of the band, Kev is our secret weapon. Adding counter melodies, effects wizardry and complex harmonies, Kev brings out the authentic sound of the original artists.

On Lead Guitar and Keys - Cyrus - An amazingly talented multi-instrumental musician, there's not a lot this man can't play.  Cyrus really is a "WOW" factor for the band, bringing great sounds and tone to life with incredible playing.

© 2017 created by Animal Room. 
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